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We are excited to introduce you to the

Rogue River Soccer Club!

Soccer has been such a positive influence on Rogue River kids for years, with many playing in area clubs with good success. But today we are very happy to present you a soccer club designed for your community, to help our kids stay together with classmates and neighbors, and receive training from skilled local coaches. To provide this we started the Rogue River Soccer Club, founded in 2016.   


It’s our hope to begin a tradition of developing student athlete's character and soccer skills, as we build a successful soccer culture in Rogue River. As you probably know, there are many benefits to being a part of an athletic program, both for the kids and parents, beyond the physical and health benefits most often thought of. Our program will be designed to:


  • Teach Basic Soccer Skills & Promote a Love for the game

  • Promote Sportsmanship & Teamwork, to win and lose with respect and a positive attitude

  • Give Youth Structure, provide a positive culture and outlet for their energy

  • Develop Parent Coaches to successfully lead our kids in a soccer environment

  • Provide a Recreation based structure, to match kids with all levels of skills for development

  • Promote the Community spirit and Family culture of Rogue River

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